It’s not quite St. Pat’s Day

Lucky Day Digital Kit

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Memories are made to be shared

Boggabri 2010

No, it’s not a glamorous photo and most definitely not the most interesting of pages, but it was the first photo of what was to become an amazing trip and an adventure that I will hold dear for the rest of my life.  Dad, the X-trail and me on the road to join in the 150 year celebrations of the town where we were both born, a place I did not remember.

“I did not remember …”

I suppose that in this instance it is understandable that I did not remember because I was just a baby when mum and dad moved from Boggabri.  But it is because of words just like that that I take photos and make scrapbook albums. I want to remember all of special things that life brings, even the not so special things, you know, those moments that make us … well, us?

So there we were at 8.41am on Thursday 29 July 2010 just about to head off on a wonderful adventure;  Dad, the X-trail and me on the road to join in the 150 year celebrations of the town where we  were both born, a place I now have some wonderful memories of and thanks to the magic of Forever Artisan, I can easily create beautiful pages that I can have printed ready to pop into my  Creative Memories photo albums … or I can turn them into  beautiful storybooks!

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ps:  here are some more of the pages from a storybook I made for my dad so that he too can remember and relive our road trip.