Black pages are back …

This is the most exciting news since CM returned to Australia!


Yes, the wait will officially be over from 6am tomorrow morning (Tuesday 19 July).

To order, visit my website after 6am Melbourne time on 19 July or email me to add your pages to the next group order.

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20% Off Digital Art & Software!


No matter what the weather is like in your corner of the world, the savings are hot right now on Forever Digital Art & Software! 20% off but only until Monday, July 19th
@ 11:59pm cst.

To order, visit my website and use the code Hot20 when you check out!

Memories are made to be shared

Boggabri 2010

No, it’s not a glamorous photo and most definitely not the most interesting of pages, but it was the first photo of what was to become an amazing trip and an adventure that I will hold dear for the rest of my life.  Dad, the X-trail and me on the road to join in the 150 year celebrations of the town where we were both born, a place I did not remember.

“I did not remember …”

I suppose that in this instance it is understandable that I did not remember because I was just a baby when mum and dad moved from Boggabri.  But it is because of words just like that that I take photos and make scrapbook albums. I want to remember all of special things that life brings, even the not so special things, you know, those moments that make us … well, us?

So there we were at 8.41am on Thursday 29 July 2010 just about to head off on a wonderful adventure;  Dad, the X-trail and me on the road to join in the 150 year celebrations of the town where we  were both born, a place I now have some wonderful memories of and thanks to the magic of Forever Artisan, I can easily create beautiful pages that I can have printed ready to pop into my  Creative Memories photo albums … or I can turn them into  beautiful storybooks!

Live. Crop. Share!


ps:  here are some more of the pages from a storybook I made for my dad so that he too can remember and relive our road trip.


What is it that makes Creative Memories so very special?

Hands Down – It’s Our people! 

Hello friends and followers,

When I saw this new video from CM , I could not wait to share with you!  Other than the fact that I believe Creative Memories offers scrapbookers the best albums in the world, and some of the most gorgeous tools, papers and embellishments, the reason I joined Creative Memories as an advisor is captured right here in this video by the Caleb, the new owner of CM.

It’s a grown up way of doing things, no-one is dictating to you what you may or may not do in your own business. No minimums, no maintenance and definitely no stress.

Oh and to top it off, Caleb really is a down to earth bloke – and he scrapbooks! 😉

If you would like to learn more about becoming a CM Advisor, I’d love to chat with you about joining my CM team.

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Forever … That’s how long I want my photos to last.

I really don’t think there is much better than being able to share our family stories, safely protected on on the pages of beautiful albums. BUT now I have the added peace of mind knowing that my most precious photos and memories will be securely, safely and permanently stored in what I like to call “my photo safety deposit box” FOREVER!

If you would like to find out more about permanent storage or digital scrapbooking then please check out my website, comment below or email me – I’m here to help.

Live. Crop. Share! … FOREVER!